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The more we worked on her Web site the more blown away I was by her talent. To think, I knew her for all those years and only saw the surface of what she could do. Iím sure many of you feel the same way. While drawing the cartoons for this site I would watch her in awe as the creativity flowed out of her onto the sketch-pad and into me. In minutes she would have a small cartoon masterpiece that was funny, thought provoking and pointedly true to life. I was so privileged to share those moments with her and more. Oh, how I miss her and our times together. martina

Gail was the first person I met and bonded with when I first started volunteering at the SPCA. Her warmth, smile, wit and genuine love for the animals made me realize what a wonderful, caring woman she was. That was 7 years ago and my respect and love for her has only grown in that time. A group of us from the SPCA meets every few months and she was always the life of the party, providing smiles and laughter when she'd walk in the door. She was such a unique, selfless soul with a heart so big. I too, feel privileged to have had her touch my life. I'll miss her tremendously.

I to new Gail. She babysat me and my sisters in Liberty Texas where she grew up. We always had fun with her and her sister Glenda. I know Gail is being missed by many in Dallas and around Liberty and always will be.

My wife Cara wrote this to me late one night recently, not being able to sleep, thinking about Gail. I thought it was eloquent enough to include here -- David Burgess Can't sleep again. So many thoughts and feelings running rampant in my head. I am so sad and feel so angry at this loss in our lives. Before I met you I was just another non believer drifting along. I knew that there had to others like me out there but didn't know that there were so many and where to find them. As if finding you weren't enough, you introduced me to the NTCOF and another chapter of my life began. To have a place to go to be able to connect with others who shared similar views on so many issues was wonderful. I have always been of the opinion that everyone we come in contact with has the ability to impact our lives. Especially if we let them. Gail was definitely one of those people in my life. I eagerly awaited each service to hear the band and with no offense to anyone-it was Gail's performances that I looked forward to the most. She had the ability to light up a room when she entered. I so envied her many talents, but most of all I envied her ability to entertain so many and lift us up with her passion and humor. Until her death I had no idea of the extent of her talents. Once again I am envious of her ability to touch so many lives in so many ways. Gail and I had connected over our love of animals. She was one of those rare individuals in my experience who had the ability to be passionate about her animals as well as be a people person. Few can do that. Most are passionate about one or the other. I had planned to share more with her this year but didn't make the time to pursue those plans. Another one of life's lessons served to me on a silver platter. I hope to be able to learn from this one. I grieve the opportunity that I squandered by not furthering that connection with Gail. I read you that poem yesterday. It really is a favorite of mine and actually somewhat of a standard for those grieving. I did a search on it to make sure I had all of the words right and found a revised version that seemed to really fir my views of Gail and her impact on my life.. I share it with you now.... Do not stand at my grave and weep, I am not there, I do not sleep. I am a thousands winds that blow, I am the softly falling snow. I am the gentle showers of rain, I am the fields of ripening grain. I am in the morning hush, I am in the graceful rush of beautiful birds in circling flight. I am the star shine of the night. I am in the flowers that bloom. I am in a quiet room. I am in the birds that sing. I am in each lovely thing. Do not stand at my grave and cry, I am not there, I did not die.... I hope the person who caught her is identified soon so that we can all experience that closure but if that doesn't happen soon I know that I will be able to remember the joy that she brought to so many lives and perhaps learn the lessons that have been offered as a result of her presence in my life.. Love you, Cara

I first noticed Gail as she played in the house band at NTCOF. I would make a point of going up to everyone in the band and thanking them for her music. Later, I sat beside her at a music event put on my a Dallas Methodist Church and attended by other Freethinkers. I enjoyed the first and second sets but the by the last set I was ready to go home. Gail asked me if I was going past Oak Lawn. I was headed in the opposite direction but would be delighed to take her home. Knowing me for a short period, I was honored that she invited me into her beautiful home and she showed me her proud animal troop which came in many sizes. After only a few minutes of avoiding the snake and petting the spider I called her a pretty Ace Ventura. Later we became hugging aquaintances. I will miss her. All My Hopes Still Johnny Caldwell

I knew Gail back in the early days of elementary school.... I moved to Dayton after the 4th grade, and we never saw each other again.... She was an amazing person back then...and I am happy to see that things went so well for her! I wish I had known about her website before reading of her death on as she only lived about 2 hours away... My grandson loves wildlife, and he and Gail would have enjoyed spending time at the zoo! God bless all the family and friends that had the honor of spending time with her...... I wish I had stayed in touch over all these years...... You were blessed with MANY friends!!!

I'd seen Gail many times at Scarborough Faire, but had never had the opportunity to speak with her. I sure wish I'd known her and known about her website earlier. Her artwork was wonderful! She will be missed. I hope the fiend who did this is caught and dealt with swiftly!!! Karen Stephens

Unlike some of our friends who have gone on through the Silver Glass, I knew her a little better than just a "familar face at faire". However, she was still a "faire friend" - someone I only knew through the faire. She was always smiling and a great flirt. And though we had dinner with her and other friends on more than one occasion at the end of a long, hot (and fun!) day, (and even drove her home one evening afterwards)...I never really knew her outside of fair. And now that I have had the chance to view her website, see everything that she had done, and read about all of her long years of volunteer work at the paraphrase Bilbo Baggins, "I knew her half as well as I would have liked and liked her half as well as she deserved"...I liked her a lot - but she deserved even more. I'll miss her at fair, but even more, I'll miss that I never really got to know such a wonderful lady - outside of our little village called Scarborough, she was even more wonderful. The world needs more people like her, not have them taken away. It's a pity that I didn't find out until now what a truly great woman she was. -Michael Brown aka Mace

I never knew Gail, but have been so moved by her story and horrified by its grossly inappropriate ending. I adopted a very scared 3 month old puppy yesterday. And I thought of Gail. Her life will go on touching the lives of others. That is a legacy anyone should be proud of.

I'm just shocked to hear about this tragic event. I was a childhood friend of Gail's from Liberty. We went to school together from elementary all the way through high school. I would go over to her house and play when I was younger, and as I got older, we would practice for band together. I never knew what happened to Gail or where she went, but I'm so saddened to hear about her death. I also had no idea of her artistic talent other than her music. I know I speak for all of us in Liberty that she will be missed and I hope this criminal is brought to justice soon! Debbie Locke

Gail and I were friends in elementary school, junior high and high school in Liberty, Texas. I am saddened to hear of her senseless death. As I'm reading all the wonderful things that Gail was involved in and all the energy and resources she contributed to in life there in Dallas I am not one bit suprised! She was talented, smart and witty beyond her years when we were kids, I could only imagine her now. I no longer live in the state of Texas however when I visit our hometown of Liberty I am reminded of all the good things and good times of my youth that of which Gail was a large part of. My condolences to her sister Glenda to her folks if they're still around and to all of her wonderful friends and cohorts in the Dallas area. Rhonda Loftis-Medford, Oregon-

I'll always remember Gail's great sense of humor and what a good sport she was. When my band needed a drummer to sit in at practice a couple times, it only took a small amount of begging to get her to come out. Just imagine a 48 year old woman, who'd never played anything harder than the Dixie Chicks, banging the skins like a maniac, tearing through a bunch of alternative rock tunes! I remember we had a particularly good time playing an up-tempo version of Sex Type Thing by the Stone Temple Pilots. It was silly and crazy and a whole lot of fun -- exactly the way I remember Gail. Mike Knickerbocker

This website and Gail's art are incredible! I went to church with Gail and her sister Glenda in Houston when we were teenagers. Her sense of humor was outstanding even then. This tragedy breaks my heart. Thank you for keeping this open so I could see all of her recent work. I'm amazed and touched. Gayla

I was fortunate enough to work with Gail at the Dallas Zoo a couple years ago. She was incredibly talented, not to mention always energetic, theatrical, and fun to be around. She will be dearly missed. -Rebecca Calisi

I had the privilege of knowing Gail through her volunteer work with the SPCA. Not only was she a talented artist and compassionate champion of animals, she was a great and exceptionally generous friend. When I bought my first house in Dallas several years ago, I was pretty unprepared for all the hidden costs of buying and owning a home. I don't know if someone told Gail that I didn't have a refrigerator, or whether she noticed it when she came to visit. But, the next thing I knew, she was bringing me her refrigerator saying that it was time for her to get a new one. Frankly, I doubt she even considered getting a new fridge until she discovered I needed one. That's just the kind of friend and person she was. ~Gale Henrard writing from northwest Arkansas~

You always had the most beautiful smile and welcoming arms when I saw you at faire. We shared a love of animals that few understand. I will miss you. I'm sorry I didn't tell you sooner how much you meant to me. Thanks for being my friend. Lettie

Gail, aka lady Gaylen was a wonderful friend out at Scarborough Faire. i am so shocked I cant cry right now, I am sure it will all hit me later. If any of her cats still need a home, please contact me at Mom and I are hurting over this sensless loss. TOO MANY of my friends are leaving this life too fast. kat- aka Kataztrophe the Amazon

Gail has been my friend for almost ten years. She was like a sister to me. We shared a duplex 4 and a half years. I just found out 2 days ago what happened and am still not sure this is not a nightmare. Even though she didn't believe in angels, she was often mine. We laughed, cried, argued, made up, and watched almost every Will and Grace episode together during the time shared our home. She is deeply missed and there is a huge emptyness in many lives due to this sensless tradgity. Michael Stewart

I knew Gail from my distant childhood past in Liberty. We were in Ms. Dinwiddie's 3rd grade class together and she lived directly behind my house on the next street. She used to come over and play a lot with my sister and me. We had a big mimosa tree in our backyard that we used to climb constantly. The monkey bars in my backyard served as our spaceship where we explored new worlds. One Christmas, I got a telescope and Gail and I thought we saw a UFO through it. We also started a "club" and Gail was a charter member. Although I haven't seen her for more than 30 years, I had thought of her often over the years. Now that I've learned of this horrible crime, I am in total disbelief. I remember her witty sense of humor, song jingles, and doodling very well. She was a very talented woman and didn't deserve this. Debra Ratcliff Riedel

I knew Gail as a child. Her mom, Verna was my dad's secretary for many years. It has been many years since I have seen or even talked to Gail, but everything I see on this website is how I remember her. She was alot of fun and will truely be missed by everyone. Karen Taylor Sumrall, Liberty, Texas.

I met Gail thru our combined love of volunteer work for the SPCA. Even though I never got to "pull back many layers of the onion", the parts of Gail that I knew were kind and loving. We laughed together and cried together and discussed our many foster animals. I know that in her after life, she is watching over all of the homeless animals that are in need of our help. May her wings fly softly and freely. Robin P.S. Thank you for keeping her website up. It is helpful to be able to look at her work as a way of coming to terms with her awful death.

My family didn't know Gail for very long, but I must say that she was very special. She and I both worked at the Dallas Zoo and knew many of the same people. We also carpooled with Gail to Scarborough Faire last season. She came across as a wonderful person full of life. I've set aside the beautiful coloring books she gave my daughter. We were planning on inviting her down to TRF with us this year...I know I will be thinking of her when we make the trip down this year. Genie Haynes

I met Gail in jr.high. She was in the same class as my brother Paul. We spent many times together, at her home and mine. Even thru college kept in touch. Gailie Ruth was my best friend in school. She even made it down to Liberty for my wedding. I will miss her greatly. Even though we haven't been in touch as much through the years, there will always be an empty place in my heart that only Gail and her laughter could fill. I will never forget the trips to Dayton and back. Then pulling pennies together to refill the car with gas so Verna,her mother, would not know we went to Dayton when we were told not to go. She seemed to always be in trouble for something. I hope & pray that they will find the person who did this soon. I will miss her always. Jetta Lombardino-Rickard (Liberty)

I knew Gail since I started working at the SPCA. When I became the foster coordinator I really got to enjoy her sweet spirit further. Her devotion to her fosters only was part of the wonderful crazy person she was. She would always walk into a room and spread a smile no matter what. She will always be a footprint that walked across my heart and never be forgotten. Terri

The more time passes since Gail's death, the more I realize how much the world has lost. Gail was more than a unique and funny personality. I knew the private, often very depressed Gail, but she possessed an incredible strength which concealed her pain. She derived much of her strength and determination from the animals and creatures she so dearly loved. Her cats, dogs, snake, and tarantula she kept at home adored her. Whoever took her life has hurt us all. Nothing can bring back those huge blue eyes and rosy cheeks. Her quirky humor and laugh are gone. But hopefully her website and cartoons will survive as a testament and a memorial to a wonderful human being. --Marc Levenson San Francisco

There aren't many people in this world who touched me as much as Gail DeLay did. I met Gail by working at the Children's Zoo of Dallas, and at once became what she liked to call her "pet". She was one of a kind. She lived by her own rules and didn't care what other people thought of her, as long as she was having fun. I took Gail to see Cheval when it came to town, and remember seeing her cry because the horses were "so beautiful". She had a love and passion for life, no matter how small it was, that I strive to live up to even today. She was the one person who supported me no matter what I did. She was always interested to know how my horse and dog shows were going, and when I admitted to her that I wanted to make a living out of teaching children how to ride (something my parents were 100% against) she was there beside me when I told them so, and helped them see my point of view. Today, living in Missouri and going to college, my goal being a Bachelor of Science in Equine Science and Administration, Gail is constantly on my mind. Every time I feel down or like school is too much, I can hear Gail telling me that I'm too good too quit. Even though she is not here, she is the one who keeps me going. I dedicate all my future success to Gail DeLay.

I'd like to thank everyone who has shared their feelings here about our dear friend Gail, it doesn't surprise me in the least how many people loved her, most of us instant friends when we met her! She gave so much to the people and animals around her, that it left a huge vaccumn in all our lives when she was so brutally taken from us. I'm grateful to those people who have kept her memory and her work on the website, and at the SPCA. Even after all these months, I still can't wrap my mind around WHY someone would murder such a generous, kind and loving person, but I know this...the people and animals in her life, even the ones who only knew her briefly were made richer in spirit and laughter and love. Michelle Heidel

Gail was an example of a certain joy of life that people wanted to be close to. She brought me and the world many a smile, often unexpectedly. She could bring energy and warmth to a room full of people in few seconds. Gail gave so much in a world where many take and take. To me, Gail meant potential in many ways. There was the potential to do even more for the world in untold ways. There was the anticipation to see how she might blossom in the future. There was the potential for me of how she might continue to expand my life and view of the world. There the warm feelings from being able to give Gail some help on the way to her potential. There was the surprise and joy of finding an emotional connection with someone that was so alive and both similar and very different from me. -- John H.

One would think the pain of losing a dear friend would ease with time - but perhaps it's because Gail was such a beautiful person that I still miss her so much.. I met her at faire, but she had become a close friend outside as well. We began as "co-miscreants" with the Fencibles and then as shipmates on the RumRunner - a group that owes most of their membership to Gail's love of fun and other people. She is still the core of who we are. I love you Gail, and miss you very, very much! Kara MacGregor AKA Knotty MacBeeGee

Just an update - as Gail wanted, her pets are living out their life on our farm outside of Princeton, TX. Speedy the corn snake is enjoying a diet of live mice. Crispin, the big orange cat, has been nicknamed "Drools" because of his chronic teething problem. We have tried steroids and other treatments, but don't have the heart to pull all his teeth. The black cat Marlowe (named for Christopher Marlowe, Shakespeare's supposed ghost writer) is a constant ghost-like presence around the farm, always showing up at feeding time, but otherwise stalking small animals and teasing the dogs. The other orange cat, Kiara, similarly lives a contented life of leisure. Indy (Indiana Bones) has absolutely found his way into Cathy's heart. If she were prone to such beliefs, she would swear that Gail had found her way to Indy to continue to keep us company. Finally, LeRoy, the poodle, who Gail called "Dead Dog Walking" for the last two years, finally gave up his fight with old age about 2 months after Gail's death. Her memory lives on with all the critters she took such good care of. I echo the sentiments of Kara that the grief has eased over the last 10 months, but the lingering sadness catches up to you when you least expect it. When I hear a song that she performed with the band, or when I run across one of her handmade birthday cards, or even use one of her silly gestures that rubbed off on us all, the apparent pointlessness of her death rolls back and just pisses me off. She was a pleasure to know, and a teaching influence on us all. Thanks, Gail. Kevin & Cathy Smith - Princeton TX

Hi, I have to admit I am in a state of shock right now due to finding out the information concerning Gail. It was my pleasure to work with Gail in a musical setting, I used to instruct her in percussion lessons at the Dallas School of Music. We shared many laughs throughout my time there. I also remember having some great times with her and the band on Friday nights at her house. From DSM I went on to UNT and we lost touch. Recently I was looking through some stuff in the basement and I found an old bday gift she gave to me. It was a cartoon she created celebrating my bday and the reasons why we should get drunk on my bday. (classic Gail) Finding this cartoon made me realize how much I enjoyed our short time together as friends and discussing music. Finding the present also prompted me to search for her again on the internet hoping to reconnect, in turn it led me to this sight. Thanks for the wonderful memories Gail! Geoff Tiller - Canada

I met Gail while working as a secretary for her husband, Roy. This was many, many years ago. I had just graduated from secretarial school and she helped (some may say trained)me. A couple of months later, the law firm dissolved and everyone went their separate ways and I lost touch of her. I really enjoyed working with her. She was a very kind and generous person. I still cannot believe she is gone. My fondest memory of Gail was from one of our most discussed subject, losing weight. She had a step-daughter who was a vegetarian, and she would talk about the creative meals she would come up with for her. One day for lunch, she brought cucumber sandwiches--looked very healthy, but not very filling, and we were complaining about it. That evening, she stayed late at the office for some reason, for which I cannot remember. Anyway, the next morning there was a drawing on my desk of me sitting at my desk with a pile of papers, the telephone ringing, my file cabinet overflowing with paper and me popping bon-bons into my mouth. Gail, you were such a great friend. I love you and I miss you, Vicky.

I read somewhere that a George was a "person of interest" in the deLay case. A fella named George Baker was a Scarborough drummer a few years back and then stopped suddenly. Kind of a meek and wimpy fellow, I doubt he did it but may know something. He used to live in Fort Worth, now lives in Houston, has been unemployed a while.

Still think of Gail often. We shared the same dentist and on occasions when I have an appointment we start talking about Gail. We loved everything about her. We cry a little inside that she never accepted how wonderfully talented she was. She touched all the folks she met. Such a talent.

Still miss Gail and think about her every time someone calls or emails attempting to hire Gail to work at a party they are having (they don't realize she is dead, so I have to tell them). If you know of a cartoonist in the Dallas area I can refer these people to will you contact me., 972-897-0155, Thanks. Martina

I went to school with Gail in Liberty and just found this wonderful tribute to her life. I had no idea how talented she was. Thank you for keeping it on line. Gail looks so happy in her pictures. I hope her life was. I am so saddened that someone took her life. So senseless.

still missing gail

I miss you more than you know.. and I hope justice is served for a needless act and that person is caught.

I knew Gail back in the early 80's through my dad who was friends with her husband Joe Snell but lost contact with her around 87. I only recently found out about her death and am still in grief over it. 5/12/18

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