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See updated events & news below (Updated 1/6/06 9:09)

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Public speaker, wildlife educator, book illustrator, freelance cartoonist and caricaturist Gail DeLay was killed in her apartment on the 6000 block of Danbury Lane in Dallas the weekend of July 23rd 2005. The medical examiner has determined she died from a blunt force trauma to the head.

If you have any information regarding this crime please contact detective Harding ( with the Dallas Police Department at 214-671-3661. Please do not call to see how the case is going. They don't have time for that. You may also fill out Gail's contact form with any information.

Gail spent her life giving not only to the human community but also to other creatures big and small. She was a SPCA volunteer for 18 years and for several other organizations and will be greatly missed.

You may also make a contribution to the NTCOF Fund To Find Gail's Killer by sending a check to PO Box 111894, Carrollton, TX 75011-1894, or by making a secure on-line donation through PayPal via the NTCOF Web site. Please indicate that your donation is to be applied to this fund.

See the NTCOF press release here.

Some Events in Gail's Honor

August 6th 7:00 pm - A Wake at Scarborogh Faire
A Wake is being organized by several Scarborough Faire friends, and should attract quite a large crowd. It will be held at the Tipperary Inn, 5815 Live Oak Street in Dallas (phone 214/821-6500). For more information, contact Michael Brown (aka "Mace Iscariot") at

August 7th 10:30 am - NTCOF service in part to remember Gail
Phone 214-880-9201. Holiday Inn DFW North. Exact address: 4441 HWY 114 in Irving. At the intersection of 114 and Easters.

August 7th 12:00 noon - 3:30 pm Blood drive
Gail was scheduled to donate blood at this NTCOF blood drive. What a great way to honor Gail while saving a few lives in the process. If you would like to donate blood at this drive here are the details:
Carter BloodCare will have their Mobile Donation Center waiting for your donation at Jason's Deli in Irving, located at the SW corner of MacArthur Blvd. and I-635 in Irving. Thank you for giving the gift of life.

August 7th 2:00 - 6:00 pm - Party for Gail
Please contact Mike Sullivan at for more details.

Saturday, August 20, at 2pm - Family Memorial Service (open to friends)
Pace Stancil Funeral Home
1304 North Cleveland
Dayton, Texas
(Hwy 321 as you come into Dayton from Cleveland)

Updated News

Gail's orange cat Crispin has been found. Now there is only one cat missing. Visit the SPCA link above for more info about the missing cat.

I know many of you have been frustrated because you have not heard much about how Gailís criminal case is going. The detective said he was spending 80% of his time on the case. Even though we canít know the specifics of everything that is happening progress is being made. We all hope it leads to resolution.

Per Anita Edson from the SPCA of Texas "Both of Gail's cats are accounted for. Dallas Animal Services has Marlowe in protective custody. The property manager is going to try and take the flyers down...if anyone swings by there and sees any, go ahead and pull them down. Thanks!"

8/4/05 Police Investigation Update
They are out of suspects from their original short list, including the vagrant who hangs out near the apartment.
They are widening the search to try and talk to people she knew from Scarborough who might know if there was someone she just went on 1-2 dates with.
They have heard the name "George" (I'm not sure from where) and are looking for anyone who may have heard her speak of someone by that name.

The following photo was donated by Benjamin Vincent

Gail DeLay & J. David Spurlock on the 15th Anniversary of Woodstock (toastmasters 1984)

Watch the news coverage of Gail via Cash Foley's Web site (thanks Cash)
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8/17/05 Police Investigation Update
If your name is George, Bob or Edwin and you knew Gail please contact the police. You could help to solve her murder. If you know someone that Gail may have known by these names please contact the police via the contact information above. It is believed that Gail knew her murderer.

8/17/05 Latest News Articles
News Articles

9/14/05 Police Investigation Update
Per my conversation with detective Harding the police are waiting on lab results. They will also be speaking to a few final people (some listed above 8/17/05). Thanks to the many of you who have called in with tips and other valuable information.

7/22/09 Rembering Gail DeLay by John Hendricks.

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