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Everything I did in my life that was worthwhile -
I caught hell for.

- Chief Justice Earl Warren

medieval diversions

When I was a kid attending graduate school in Houston, Texas, I visited the renaissance festival just outside of town. Afterward, I sighed as I realized, “I WAS BORN HUNDREDS OF YEARS TOO LATE!”

When I discovered Scarborough Renaissance Festival in Waxahachie, I found my “home.” They call us “playtrons,” patrons who dress in medieval garb and with a complete character created (or at least one we’re developing!). We interact with the cast members, the public, and the pub!

My character is Lady Gaelen Elora McLeod of the Whimsy Shire, Clanna MacPolk, Corporal of the Daggers in Queen Margaret’s Own Scottish Highlanders. My character is a widow whose husband “died with a smile on his face!”

I am also a proud member of The Rumrunner, a Pirate Ship of Scarborough Faire. My good caption is Captain Sebastian Spigot, and I am his Trusty Lusty Liaison, “Daggers MacPoke”. We are undeniably the laziest crew on the Caribbean. We don’t pillage and plunder to get our booty. Oh, no! We get our enemies drunk on rum, then steal their darn ship! The only problem is that we are frequently “rum soaked” ourselves and are usually in the market for a new vessel. Ah, but we live for the adventure – and the rum ...

Our mottos are: “Aim low - Achieve your goals!” “Another reason to drink!”

And don’t forget to “Always live by the rule of rum!” Arrggghhhh!!

So, visit the sites and read up on your medieval history so you can join us next spring at the next Scarborough Renaissance Festival. Click on the links to find other medieval fairs to visit in the meantime.

Take good care, lads and lasses! I raise my tankard to ye all!

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