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published and printed works

Yorkies Head to Tail: The Essential Care Guide, published by Paper Chase Press, an animal care book for an adorable breed.

Corporate Kitty Litter: Turning No Way Attitudes into Know How Solutions, by Petey Parker. A corporate how to book with fun cat cartoons.

Be Bite Free and Pets are a Part of the Family, coloring books published by the SPCA of Texas, illustrated and co-written by me. Be Bite Free is endorsed by the Humane Society of the United States and The Center for Disease Control and won a national award for humane publications. Be Bite Free is available in Spanish!

A Day At the Beach, Un Día en la Playa, Audubon Texas, a coloring book published in English and Spanish by the Coastal Coordination Council, in partnership with Texas Parks and Wildlife. This book teaches about conservation and wildlife on the Texas Coast.

Spear’s Ranch on Salado Creek Coloring Book, produced by Spears Ranch. This coloring book was used as a marketing tool for acreage available in the beautiful hill country of Texas.

A Taste and Tour of Dallas, Candy Coleman Creations. A tasty, Texas cookbook peppered with local history and cowboy cartoons.

We’ll Never Forget Dallas, We’ll Never Forget Fort Worth, Deep in the Heart of Texas. Candy Coleman Creations. Fun coloring books to introduce visitors and newcomers to these destinations.

Other Published and Printed Work Produced for Non-Profit Groups

-- TAFFY Coloring Book, Dallas Peace Center. This coloring book was illustrated for the TAFFY Project (Toys Are For Fun, Y’all).
-- SPCA of Texas - Illustrated educational and fundraising materials, designed T-shirts, greeting cards, and brochures.
-- Dallas Society to Prevent Blindness - Provided cartoon illustrations for fund raising materials.
-- Toastmasters International - Provided cartoons for newsletters, brochures, and presentation materials.

Book signing at NorthPark Centre during a holiday adoption event.

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This Website is dedicated to the memory and work of Gail DeLay, who was murdered the weekend of 7/23/05. If you have any information regarding her case please visit the Help Gail Page of this Website.

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