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Custom Website Development
Digital Photography in the Dallas Texas

If you need a local custom Website development and digital photography company in the Dallas Texas area (The Colony) we suggest you contact Martina Kolm of . She only charges $45.00 hourly for Web dev and will only provide with what you need, never trying up-sell you. Here's a list she put together of her services:

access and SQL database development
bulletin board(s)
client controlled/generated Websites with password protected
    administrative access areas
client interactive database connectivity (with read/write capability)
content/copy creation or assistance
company slogan and tagline creation
cross-reference database development
custom Website development
custom Website design
database development
digital photography services
document and photo scanning
e-commerce Website development
email account(s)
flash development (this is a limited service offering)
graphics and graphic design services
google adwords advertising services
help with domain name purchase
help for those who have designed their own Websites but need a little extra
hosting services
image restoration services
logo creation
look & feel site design and development
online advertising services
online catalogs
online file upload capability
online return email notification forms with form validation
online sales
photo and image editing services
section 508 Web accessibility development (as required by the US government)
search engine optimization (SEO) is always included with every site design
server objects
server setup
site maintenance
site rescue
slide shows
slogan creation
sound and wave files
spam protected online forms
tagline creation
time-management / time billing software
vacation photo editing
wave files
web master services
web mapping, google mapping tools, Websites using Google Maps API
website presence design and development
Website verification and sitemap submittal to google

The following may be used in Web and Software Development:
Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), HTML, XHTML, JavaScript, PHP, XSL, C, C , C#, VisualBasic, Java, Phyton, VBA, OOD&P, .NET, Visual Studio C++, VB.NET Visual Basic .NET, and C#/Visual C#.), C#, VB.NET, Web Services, ASP, ASP.NET, Oracle, VBScript, XML, MS SQL Server, DHTML, XSLT, ADO.Net. Web mapping solutions using Google Maps API.

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Bring a smile to your party or business with cartoons & caricatures delivered the "DeLay" way!
Laugh as you learn about animals & nature through art, music & storytelling.

This Website is dedicated to the memory and work of Gail DeLay, who was murdered the weekend of 7/23/05. If you have any information regarding her case please visit the Help Gail Page of this Website.

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