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Good teaching is
one-fourth preparation and three-fourths theater.

- Gail Godwin

speaking and performance work

Cursed or blessed with the gift of gab (depends on who you ask), I majored in Theatre and Speech Communications from Stephen F. Austin University in Texas.

My mother said, You'll never make a living with a degree like that, but I've found my training useful in almost all my professional and personal endeavors. You were wrong for once, Mom! Ha!

Bolstering my confidence through Toastmasters International, I found paid speaking gigs in the 90s and established a comfortable little business as a motivational keynote speaker. I focused on personal and professional enrichment and customer service, both areas I continue to feel very strongly about.

Clients included Holiday Inns, Meeting Planners International, National Association of Legal Administrators, Law Offices of Burleson, Pate and Gibson, Association of Women Entrepreneurs of Dallas, Inc., Texas Society to Prevent Blindness.

Then I found a wonderful outlet for my gift of gab: teaching about animals at the Dallas Zoo. I worked as a Wildlife Interpreter in the Children's Zoo, where I got the chance to use speaking, acting and cartooning to share my knowledge and love of animals, specifically native wildlife and nature.

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-- Appeared as Gail the Cartoonist on nationally syndicated children's show, Peppermint Place with Jerry Haynes.

-- Cartoonist and character designer for Kids Can, a nationally syndicated children's show. Appeared as a host on one of the episodes.

Speaking services donated to the following organizations: National Speakers Association, Dallas Can! Academy, Dallas Peace Center, Society for the Prevention of Blindness, Museum of Natural History Association.

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This Website is dedicated to the memory and work of Gail DeLay, who was murdered the weekend of 7/23/05. If you have any information regarding her case please visit the Help Gail Page of this Website.

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